MetalStorm: Online

MetalStorm: Online 5.2.1

Multiplayer online jet fighting!


  • Fast 3D graphics
  • Good controls
  • Easy to jump into multiplayer games


  • XP is gained too slowly
  • Environments are a bit bland
  • Gameplay gets repetitive


MetalStorm: Online is a free 3D arcade flying game. Take control of a fighter jet and play online against friends or battle waves of fighters in single player mode.

MetalStorm: Online is a free to play game with premium features, meaning you can essentially pay for better equipment in the game, or get it more slowly by playing and winning. When you start you're immediately taken through a tutorial. The controls are simple, a mix of touch and tilt, and seem to work well.

MetalStorm: Online works with GameCenter, so you can easily play against your friends, or you can find players at random to challenge to a dogfight. Multiplayer games are just the right length, and you are normally paired with an opponent with a similar equipment level. The gameplay is pretty simplistic, and strangely the single player games are more dynamic.

Fighting one other plane can often result in flying round and round in circles chasing the other plane, like a dog chasing it's tail. Evasive moves in MetalStorm: Online can be executed when missiles are incoming, but it's hard to just when to do it, as you have no radar. Earning MetalStorm experience points is painfully slow, and weapons upgrades need replacing a lot, making you progress towards that new plane even slower.

MetalStorm: Online is a simplistic Afterburner-like jet fighting game, which is fun for a while against friends, but requires too much grind to progress and has uninspiring environments to fly around.

MetalStorm: Online


MetalStorm: Online 5.2.1

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